Lewis & Clark Adventures
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North Fork, Idaho
On the Salmon "River of No Return", at the base of Lost Trail Pass

We are here  to provide you with the ultimate Lewis and Clark Adventure.  

  • Experience the mountains as the Corps of Discovery saw it 200 years ago. 

  • Float the Salmon river with our experienced outfitters.

  • Feel the rapids and discover why they called it, "The River of No Return," 

  • See if you can find the trail on "Lost Trail Pass."


This is "The Ultimate" family vacation.

Our package trips take you on the  same trek that Lewis and Clark took through Idaho in August 1805 as they searched for a way to the western sea. You'll learn about the Indian woman guide Sacajawea, and learn about her heritage in the Lemhi and Salmon valleys. You'll see vacation land very much the same as the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark, and Sacajawea found it in their historic journey.

Lewis & Clark Adventures will take you there!

 Entering Central Idaho on the Lewis & Clark Trail

As you follow the Lewis and Clark trail into Lemhi county you will be walking the ground of a unique and momentous drama on the way to the westward sea. 

If you are following the trail from Three Forks, and Dillon Montana, you will enter Idaho over Lemhi Pass, follow the Lemhi River down to the Salmon River, and then follow the Salmon  on down to the North Fork of the Salmon. From there the Corps took a short detour down the Salmon River, and then headed up the North Fork to Lost Trail Pass; back again, into Montana territory.

The Corps of Discovery began their journey into Idaho with the momentous meeting of Sacajawea and her brother. We have the following report from the Nicholas Biddle Journal published in 1914:

She came into the tent, sat down, and was beginning to interpret, when, in the person of Cameahwait, she recognized her brother.  She immediately jumped up, and ran and embraced him, throwing over him her blanket, and weeping profusely. The Chief was himself moved, though not in the same degree. After some conversation between them she resumed her seat and  attempted to interpret for us; but her new situation seemed to over power her, and she was frequently interrupted by her tears.

After this incredible meeting, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, guided by Sacajawea and her band, headed up over Lemhi pass on August 12, 1805, and down into the Lemhi Valley. It took the party ten days to travel down the Lemhi and Salmon valleys to the mouth of the North Fork, another momentous point on the trail, and where our Lewis and Clark Adventures begin. 

We will take you through the country where the Corps encountered some of the greatest challenges on their journey: this is where they faced the impassable rapids on the "River of No Return", abandoned the idea of a waterway to the west, and headed up over Lost Trail Pass-- where they lost the trail heading back into Montana.



The Beginning of Our Lewis and Clark Adventure

Our adventure tour begins near the crossroads of the Salmon River, and the North Fork of the Salmon. Please see our Prices page to select your custom trip package.

After traveling the upper Lemhi County portion of the Lewis and Clark Trail, we know you will be tired and ready to settle into our wilderness scenery. Your first night will be spent at the rustic Broken Arrow Resort just up the North Fork River in Gibbonsville, Idaho. Quaint log cabins share bathrooms and showers located in a central building. Each cabin is furnished with rustic period beds, dressers, and stocked bookcases - these cabins might qualify for the National Register of Historic Places. 

You are on your own for dinner the first night, and have a selection of restaurants in North Fork, or Salmon Idaho. 

The next morning begins the waterway portion of our trip. North Fork Guides will take you on a one or two day journey down the Salmon River. With river rafts and experienced guides you will encounter, and conquer, the very rapids that caused the Corp's exploration party to abandon the idea of a waterway to the western sea. 

On the one day trip you will be fed a delicious lunch. On the two day trip you are supplied with a comfortable camp and lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch again on the final day. 

At the end of your water journey you will be returned to The Broken Arrow for a good night's sleep.

The final part of your adventure will be on horseback through the historic landscape of Lost Trail Pass. Once again you have a choice of a one or two day trip. You will be in the hands of the experienced guides and horsemen from Keating Outfitters. The mounts are sturdy mountain horses. While there, you can fish for trout and enjoy the pristine beauty of Allen Lake while your outfitter cooks a cowboy lunch. Maybe you can discover for yourself the lost trail of Lost Trail Pass - or perhaps you can pull the secret out of Earl Keating, who speaks of this portion of the trail with a knowing twinkle in his eye. 

Transportation to and from the trailhead to Gibbonsville is provided. A one day trip includes a delicious lunch. Overnight trips include all camp equipment and meals beginning with lunch on day one through lunch on day two.

At the end of your Idaho journey you will again be resting at The Broken Arrow resort. You will have gained a full experience of the Salmon, Idaho portion of the Lewis and Clark trail and all the Lewis and Clark Adventures of our unique valley.


Browse through sites about our town and area at: Salmon Idaho's Community Website




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